NUS History Society Welfare Giveaway 2014/2015

Amidst all the deadlines, tests and impending finals, sometimes all we need is that extra push, that extra perk to study, and most importantly to know that someone cares about you. That is why HISSOC is there for you with our semesterly Welfare Giveaway, marking the first event organised by the 50th HISSOC committee.

Taking place last Tuesday to Thursday, our welfare director, Su Ru, together with her group of dedicated history members, stationed at the walkway along AS1 to give out the welfare packs to our HY and EU majors. Kudos to Su Ru and her team for the hard work they had put in to prepare the welfare packs!

Su Ru and her team; Darryl (right standing), Si Ying (left sitting), Wai Kit (right sitting)
Su Ru and part of her team; Darryl (right standing), Si Ying (left sitting), Wai Kit (right sitting)

Reception on the first day was overwhelming as many of our HY and EU majors flocked down to get their welfare packs. In fact, we had to ‘ration’ it so that those who weren’t in school on Tuesday could still lay their hands on one in the following days.

Happy recipients of our welfare packs
One of the happy recipients of our welfare packs
Glad that they managed to get one
Glad that they managed to get one
*thumbs up*
*thumbs up*

Apart from giving out the welfare packs, we also sold our History identity shirts. Being extremely well received last semester, we sent them for reprint and managed to get them just in time for the welfare packs. Sales of the shirts were brisk too, and if any of you still want to purchase them after seeing your friends wear them around, do contact any of our HISSOC Excos.

Yay! I got the History identity shirt!
Yay! I got the History identity shirt!

Of course these welfare packs are not just for students, but also for our wonderful professors and staff from History Department! It was a good chance for us to express our gratitude to them for teaching us and handling our administrative matters. Guess what― the day of the distribution to the staff coincided with Mr Tan Chye Guan’s birthday! Of course he was more than happy to receive the welfare packs from us.

Mr Tan's birthday gift from HISSOC
Mr Tan’s birthday gift from HISSOC!
Dr. Llobet looking pleased with the welfare pack
Dr. Llobet looking pleased with the welfare pack

Once again, thanks to everyone for supporting HISSOC. If you have any suggestions on what you hope to have in next semester’s welfare packs, feel free to comment.

Stay tuned on both our Facebook page and website to find out about our upcoming events/activities!

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The National University of Singapore (NUS) History Society is a student-run organization that aims to encourage an interest for history among NUS students and members of the public. Its members include all History majors and other NUS students interested in history. Regular projects that aim to engage NUS students include writing and editorial opportunities at the Society’s publication Mnemozine, career development programmes as well as welfare activities. NUS History Society is a student society under the Office of Student Affairs, National University of Singapore.

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