HISSOC Detente Retreat 2017

On the weekend right before the new semester began, the 52nd HISSOC Exco organised a retreat for all History and European Studies (EU) majors to rest and relax. This being the first event of 2017 organised by the HISSOC Exco, we are glad to start the new year with fun and laughter!

Taking place from the 6th to 7th of January, our Internal Events Director Alvina, with help from Exco members organised the annual retreat and provided good food and entertainment for our fellow majors at Aloha Changi. Thanks Alvina for planning and seeking out this cozy spot for us to relax before lessons start again.

Sebastian, Alvina and Samuel confirming the logistics for the retreat
The place where fun resides

Games such as Dixit, Pop-up Pirate and the crowd favourite Cards Against Humanity were available for our majors to gather and play during Detente. No doubt these resulted in moments of surprise and hilarity.

Dixit – how well do you know your friends’ interpretation of the world?
Will Jonathan be the one to pop the pirate?

Besides games, there were also food and drinks available for all participants as the Exco ordered enough pizza to feed an army, quelling hungry stomachs and craving mouths. There was enough food for all to enjoy and relax to the sunset near the beach.

Pizza galore to satisfy all cravings and preferences
Clarissa (Year 3) is clearly enjoying her food

At night, participants and Exco members gathered to take photos to commemorate this wonderful event.

Group shot of Detente 2017 participants!
Fun shot :p

After that the fun didn’t stop as conversations and games carried on into the night.

Fellow students engaged in heart banter
Joshua (Year 3) embodying the spirit of Detente

Thank you all for coming and making this event a success! We hope to see you again for the next retreat soon! Do leave comments or contact us on Facebook for any enquires or ideas for the next retreat.

Stay tuned on both our Facebook page and website to find out about our upcoming events/activities!

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