Sejarah Inquisition 2018

On 3 March 2018, HISSOC held the pilot run of its new Sejarah Inquisition inter-JC competition and outreach event. Meridian JC, Nanyang JC and Temasek JC came to compete and, more importantly, learn about how to analyse, interpret and reflect on the primary and secondary sources about Operation Coldstore that were provided.

HISSOC President Gabriel gives his opening address
Zhen Ye gives his presentation to introduce the topic of Operation Coldstore


Our three judges (left to right): Gabriel, Zhen Ye and Dr. Seng Guo Quan
Project director Zhi Qi invites the groups to present their arguments


Congratulations to Temasek JC for winning our inaugural Sejarah Inquisition


Thanks to Dr Seng Guo Quan for coming down to judge the presentations and to Meridian JC, Nanyang JC and Temasek JC for participating! And big thanks to the organizing committee and those who helped make the event a success!


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