Welfare Week – AY17/18 Semester 2

This week was Welfare Week for HISSOC, and many a welfare pack was given to the students of the History and European Studies community from Tuesday, 11 April to Thursday, 13 April. We also held our book and T-shirt sale, and gave out the latest issue of our semesterly publication, Mnemozine. HISSOC also presented welfare packs to our professors to show our appreciation for them as well.

Open for business!
The first few takers for our welfare packs
It’s actually conveniently after Craft lecture so…
We sold T-shirts and books too
Everyone could pick up a copy of Mnemozine as well
HISSOC President Gabriel Lim presents our first welfare pack of the day to A/P Bruce Lockhart
Gabriel also presents a welfare pack to Dr Sharon Low
Dr Seng Guo Quan receives a welfare pack
Dr Yahaya receives a welfare pack as well
IMG-20180414-WA0009 (cropped)
Presenting a welfare pack to A/P Timothy Barnard
A welfare pack for Dr Portia Reyes

Thanks to all who dropped by to collect their welfare pack and wishing everyone the best for the exams ahead!

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