Annual General Meeting AY18/19

On the evening of 31 August, HISSOC held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for AY18/19. The cycle comes full circle as the 53rd Executive Committee hands over the mantle to the 54th to carry HISSOC to new heights!

What AGM would be complete without a buffet dinner first?
Everyone gathered, and the secretaries are ready to take minutes
Thanks to Samuel Chong for returning as our Chair for the meeting once more
So it begins!
Outgoing President Gabriel delivers his closing address

The meeting begins with an update on the financial status of HISSOC as well as the outgoing President’s closing address. Then comes the EXCO elections!

Dr. Solomon and A/P Lockhart sitting in for the AGM


Presenting HISSOC’s 54th Executive Committee!
Like what Gabriel mentioned in his speech, a sunset for one EXCO, and a sunrise for another

Thanks to all for attending the AGM and let’s all give our support to the new EXCO!

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The National University of Singapore (NUS) History Society is a student-run organization that aims to encourage an interest for history among NUS students and members of the public. Its members include all History majors and other NUS students interested in history. Regular projects that aim to engage NUS students include writing and editorial opportunities at the Society’s publication Mnemozine, career development programmes as well as welfare activities. NUS History Society is a student society under the Office of Student Affairs, National University of Singapore.

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