Sejarah Inquisition 2021 – Hawker Culture in Singapore

On March 13, 2021, the NUS History Society organised the third edition of Sejarah Inquisition, a competition among junior colleges to analyse a piece of Singapore’s history and delve into historical inquiry and investigation. Working in teams, participants will work under the mentorship of NUS History students and learn to critically analyse, evaluate and reflectContinue reading “Sejarah Inquisition 2021 – Hawker Culture in Singapore”

9th ASEAN Quiz

This year, NUS History Society partnered with the Infocomm Media Development Authority – IMDA to organise the National- and Regional-levels of the 9th ASEAN Quiz, a biennial competition where youths can gain a deeper appreciation of the region’s political, economic, cultural and social developments. A total of 15 HISSOC members joined the organising committee toContinue reading “9th ASEAN Quiz”

A/P Wang Jinping – What Piqued My Interest In Chinese Cultural History

What drove you to specialize in History? Well, it is quite an interesting story. Before I entered Peking university, History was my least favourite subject in high school. I think it was because of the old-fashioned way of teaching history back then – through the memorising of boring dates and events. I am sure thisContinue reading “A/P Wang Jinping – What Piqued My Interest In Chinese Cultural History”


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