Dr Donna Brunero – My Story As A Maritime Historian

What drove you to specialize in history? As an undergrad, I was really passionate about history, and it was something that I enjoyed the most out of all the subjects that I’ve studied. And that’s what really led me to want to do more in terms of studying history. Did you consider other disciplines? IContinue reading “Dr Donna Brunero – My Story As A Maritime Historian”

Annual General Meeting AY18/19

On the evening of 31 August, HISSOC held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for AY18/19. The cycle comes full circle as the 53rd Executive Committee hands over the mantle to the 54th to carry HISSOC to new heights! The meeting begins with an update on the financial status of HISSOC as well as the outgoingContinue reading “Annual General Meeting AY18/19”

Visit to Queensway Secondary School

On Monday, 25 June, members of HISSOC headed down to Queensway Secondary School for the opening day of the school’s Humanities Week. They shared with the students about how they could make a difference in society and what awaits them in university life, in line with the Humanities Week’s theme of ‘Make a Difference’. Hope theContinue reading “Visit to Queensway Secondary School”