President’s Message


Dearest members of the NUS History and European Studies Departments, and members of the public:


I am Ahmad Zaki, and it is an incredible honour for me to have this opportunity to serve as the President of the 55th Executive Committee of the NUS History Society.


The Society’s latest Annual General Meeting was held on 30th August 2019 where 11 dedicated and enthusiastic individuals were elected and nominated into the 55th Executive Committee. Members of the committee are integral to the successful management of the society and running of its various activities. The 55th are a unique and dedicated group of individuals with a strong desire to serve the History and European Studies Community and it is truly my privilege to be able to work with and lead them. To find out more about the 55th, feel free to check the “Our Committee” page of this website!


On behalf of the committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Community, past and present, for continuously supporting NUS History Society in your various ways. Inspired by the contributions of generations past, the 55th Executive Committee strives to serve all of you to the best of our abilities and continue this fantastic legacy. I would also like to extend my thanks to the 54th Executive Committee for their service in AY2018/19. We thank you for your mentorship and wish the very best for all of you!


In this new academic year, we hope to continue the good work that has been done. Through various activities and initiatives, we aim to foster greater interest in History within the NUS community and the public. To achieve this, we have plans in collaboration with the National Heritage Board to bring History to a wider audience. We also have internal plans to forge a stronger History community and identity. Here are some exciting developments in the Academic Year 2019/20!


NUS History Society in AY19/20

2019 marks the year of the 90th anniversary of FASS! As the faculty commemorates its anniversary, NUS History Society will also play a part and contribute to the celebrations. We look forward to commemorating this historical milestone with everyone!


The 55th Executive Committee would also like to continue its engagement with school students. The Sejarah Inquisition, a pilot competition organized by the 53rd Executive Committee, offered JC students the opportunity to engage with primary and secondary materials. The competition was well-received and provided the students with a first-hand experience in historical research. In this new academic year, we will continue this competition, with aims to reach out to more schools while also introducing new topics of focus. HISSOC hopes that through this competition, we can develop a deeper interest in History among the students.


HISSOC will also continue our bi-annual magazine publication, the MNEMOZINE, to continue to give students from the community a chance to express their thoughts and insights about Singapore’s heritage and history. This year, we intend to extend the publication to schools as well. On top of that, we will be collaborating with NHB on the MUSE publication with its focus on intangible cultural heritage.


One of our aims for this academic year is to work and improve based on feedback from the community. As of this moment, plans are currently underway to address some of the issues that have been raised by members. We consider it of great importance that the community is one that communicates. We appreciate being engaged in conversation and feedback, offering advice and help where possible. It is, therefore, one of the main goals of the 55th to find new and innovative ways to improve the community and make it easy for members to approach the committee should they wish to do so. With this goal in mind, we hope that by the end of AY19/20, the community will find itself in an even better state than before.


Overall, it is our hope that we can continue to provide avenues for the appreciation of History, as well as strengthen the cohesiveness of our History community!


Communication and Feedback

As mentioned, we believe strongly in constantly improving ourselves so that we can better serve our community. The Executive Committee welcomes any feedback which you might have through our various feedback channels. Apart from the contact details which can be found on our website, feel free to contact us through our Facebook and Instagram accounts @nushissoc. We also have a History chat and channel ( on Telegram. These accounts are the main channels through which HISSOC will release information on upcoming events and any updates we might have.


We, the 55th Executive Committee, are excited to work with and for the community in this new academic year! We wish all members of the NUS History Society and community a meaningful and purposeful year ahead!


Yours Sincerely,

Ahmad Zaki

President, NUS History Society 2019/2020

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