President’s Message

Dearest members of the NUS History and European Studies Departments, and members of the public:

I am Farhann and it is an honour to be given this opportunity to serve as the President of the 57th Executive Committee of the NUS History Society.

On 27th August 2021, NUS History Society had our lastest Annual General Meeting, where 11 individuals were nominated and elected as part of the 57th Executive Committee. These amazing individuals stepped up to serve the History and European Studies Community, dedicating their time and efforts in running the society smoothly and planning exciting activities for our fellow students. I am proud to serve alongside this extraordinary group of individuals and could not have ask for a better team. To find out more about them, to check the “Our Committee” page of this website!

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to express my gratitude to the Community for your continuous support in NUS History Society. We strike to serve you to the best of our abilities, both as members of the society and your fellow classmates. In addition, I would like to extend my thanks to 56th Executive Committee for their guidance and past service. We hope to uphold the standards and legacy that you have passed down to us. Once again, we thank all of you for the trust and confidence you have given and wish you the very best!

In Academic Year 2021/2022, we strive to continue the good work that has been done by our predecessors. Through our programmes and events, we hope to connect fellow History and European Studies students to one another, forging relationships and bringing the Community even closer. In addition, we aim to foster greater interest in History both within and outside the NUS community. Here are some of the exciting events and programmes in Academic Year 2021/2022!

NUS History Society in AY21/22

NUS History Society’s Annual Détente continues to provide opportunities for students in the History and European Studies Community to interact with one another. Held at the end of Winter Break with food and games provided, new relationships forge while friends reunite after a long break. We hope that through such events, students get the chance to meet and chit-chat with their past and future classmates, bringing the Community closer together. Apart from that, our bi-annual magazine publication, the MNEMOZINE, gives students the opportunity to write their own articles. They can share their thoughts and insights about Singapore’s heritage and history with their fellow students.

As for promoting History beyond NUS, we had the privilege to collaborate with IMDA to host the 10th ASEAN Quiz in 2022. It is certainly a big project for the Society, allowing us to reach out to the wider community beyond NUS, and even beyond Singapore. Another key external event we are looking forward is the annual Sejarah Inquisition, an Inter-Junior College History Outreach Event, where we hope to foster an interest in History in pre-university students. Many members of the History community have stepped up and come on board to organise these two amazing events.

Last but not least, the annual History Camp for incoming freshmen will mostly be held in June 2022. As always, our History Camp Committees and Orientation Groups Leaders will be working hard to welcome incoming freshmen into NUS and the Community. While we may continue to live alongside COVID-19, we still strive to make university life as meaningful and fun as possible.

All in all, NUS History Society hopes to continue bringing the History and European Studies Community ever closer while sharing our passion for History within and outside of NUS.

Communication and Feedback

One of the roles of NUS History Society is to be the listening ear and voice of the History and European Studies Community. The 57th Executive Committee is here to hear any feedback, be it involving academic issues or even improvement we can do to serve the Community better. Apart from that, we are open to suggestions or comments from the Community or even the public if you want to work with us. New fresh ideas are welcomed and hopefully, we can grow together along the way. NUS History Society is constantly growing and improving to better serve the Community. Apart from the contact details which can be found on our website, feel free to contact us through our Facebook and Instagram accounts @nushissoc. Once again, feel free to reach out to us.

We, the 57th Executive Committee, are excited to work with and for the community in this new academic year! We wish all members of the NUS History Society and community a meaningful and purposeful year ahead!

Yours Sincerely,

Muhammad Farhann

President, NUS History Society 2021/2022

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