Mnemozine is HISSOC’s semesterly publication, with a different theme each time, covering a wide range of topics.

Issue 17, Jul 2020. View here!


Issue 16, Oct 2019. View here!


Issue 15, Apr 2019. View here!


Issue 14, Oct 2018. View here!


Issue 12, Jul 2018 (intended for Oct 2017). View here!


Issue 13, Apr 2018. View here!


Issue 11, Apr 2017. View here!

Mnz 11

Issue 10, Oct 2016. View here!


Issue 9, May 2016. View here!


Issue 8, Oct 2015. View here!

MnemozineFinalDraft6 reduced

Issue 7, May 2015. View here!


Issue 6, April 2014. View here!

Issue 6

Issue 5, October 2013. View here!

Issue 5

Issue 4, March 2013. View here!

Issue 4

Issue 3, October 2012. View here!

Issue 2, February 2012. View here!

Issue 1, October 2011. View here!

If you would like to be a part of our amazing team today, drop us a note at and we will get back to you!

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