HISSOC internship interview #4 – SPF internship

Remember Nishta, Emmaline and Meiling who shared with us their internship experiences during the December holiday? Yes! HISSOC is back after the long summer holiday to share with you more interesting internship experiences that our fellow History majors had done. First up in this series of internship experiences, we have Nishta! If you have followedContinue reading “HISSOC internship interview #4 – SPF internship”

Battle for Singapore: Tales of the Opium Hill

“Why are these Punjabi soldiers marching in fours instead of threes,” wondered Second Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi from the C Company of the 1st Malay Regiment. Upon realizing that these soldiers were Japanese soldiers disguised as Punjabi soldiers, Second Lieutenant Adnan immediately ordered his troops to open fire with their Lewis machine guns and eventuallyContinue reading “Battle for Singapore: Tales of the Opium Hill”