HISSOC internship interview #6 – NAS Internship

To wrap up this series of internship experiences interview, we have Sandy Wang, who’s in her fourth year of studies now. She did her internship in the National Archives of Singapore (NAS). I’m sure many of you, History majors, would be familiar with hearing profs telling us to go to the archives to find ourContinue reading “HISSOC internship interview #6 – NAS Internship”

HISSOC Internship Interview #5 – MOE Internship

Next up, we have Christie who is currently a Year 4 History major. Christie did her MOE internship at Whitley Secondary School and enjoyed her five-weeks stint there. Read on to find out what she feels about teaching History and how it should be taught!   1.     Why did you decide to apply for theContinue reading “HISSOC Internship Interview #5 – MOE Internship”

HISSOC internship interview #4 – SPF internship

Remember Nishta, Emmaline and Meiling who shared with us their internship experiences during the December holiday? Yes! HISSOC is back after the long summer holiday to share with you more interesting internship experiences that our fellow History majors had done. First up in this series of internship experiences, we have Nishta! If you have followedContinue reading “HISSOC internship interview #4 – SPF internship”