Visit to Queensway Secondary School

On Monday, 25 June, members of HISSOC headed down to Queensway Secondary School for the opening day of the school’s Humanities Week. They shared with the students about how they could make a difference in society and what awaits them in university life, in line with the Humanities Week’s theme of ‘Make a Difference’. Hope the […]

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NUS History Camp 2018 – Camp SPEAR

HISSOC’s annual freshman orientation camp took place from 4 to 6 June. This year’s theme was Asian civilizations, which gave rise to the phrase ‘Silk, Spice and Everything Rice’ and eventually to the name Camp SPEAR. The 13 freshmen were grouped into three OGs, representing three ancient Asian civilizations (the Tang dynasty of China, the […]

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Camp SPEAR Pre-Camp 2018

On Thursday, 24 May 2018, our OGLs and O-COMM gathered to test out the games and activities in a dry-run for this year’s History Camp. Here is a sneak peek at what’s in store! Much hard work has been put into this camp and we can’t wait for 4 June when it starts!

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FASS Open House 2018

On 12 May, members of NUS History Society were at the History booth during FASS Open House to help prospective freshmen get a better picture of university life and majoring in History. We in the NUS History and European Studies community hope to see many of you joining us soon!

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