Our Committee

Executive Committee AY 16/17

Goh Swee Yik
Year 1/History

Hobbies: Running, bingeing on documentaries
History is the never-ending epic of humanity’s rise to global dominance

Madeline Gwee Year 2/History

Hobbies: The outdoors, travelling, jogging, music
The voices of history struggle amidst you and me; “The future, we can see.” they whisper softly

Honorary General Secretary
Yong Jie Li Jeremy

Year 1/FASS

Hobbies: Reading music album reviews, dissecting popular culture
We take your history and make it a modern mystery

Assistant Secretary
Ong Jian Wei Jonathan 

Year 1/FASS

Hobbies: Binge watching Netflix, procrastinating

Honorary Treasurer
Sebastian Poh Yi Jie

Year 1/FASS

Hobbies: Reading newspapers, watching sports
The knowledge of today shapes the history of tomorrow

Welfare Director
Douglas Ong Say Howe

Year 1/FASS

Hobbies: Solo travelling, looking at fine art, adventuring
As we form the fragments of the future, history forms the pieces of our present

                                                              Events Directors

Alvina Koh Ting Rong

Year 1/FASS

Hobbies: Sleeping, watching Netflix and YouTube
History is like a collection of stories from each and every being

Nabilah Bte Mohamed Razalie

Year 1/FASS

Hobby: Reading, watching documentaries, eating
History is herstory too.

                                          Publications & Communications Directors

Chng Shao Kai

Year 2/History


Hobbies: Reading, late-night writing
History is an endless road.

Chong Yong Kang Samuel

Year 1/FASS

Hobby: Reading, guitar, sleeping
History is the everyday experiences of mankind.

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