Our Committee

Executive Committee AY 17/18DCIF-42.JPG

Lim Wen Jun GabrielDCIF-37
Year 2/History

Hobbies: Taking photographs, watching sit-coms, baking and kayaking.

It’s through History that I see why the world is the way it is, and it is through this that I learn empathy.

Nabilah Bte Mohamed RazalieDCIF-38Year 2/History

Hobbies: Reading, watching documentaries, eating.

History is herstory too.

Honorary General Secretary
Ang Zhen YeDCIF-19Year 2/History

Hobbies: Coffee and making music

To learn History is to be aware of the past in understanding the present; if you don’t know where you have come from, how can you appreciate where you are going?

Assistant Secretary
Michelle Chan Yun YeeDCIF-23Year 1/FASS

Hobbies: Archery, soccer, reading

History is the interaction of the historian and his facts, the past and present to shed light on the multi-faceted truths present.

Honorary Treasurer
Goh Seng Chuan Joshua
DCIF-29Year 3/History

Hobbies: Exploring Singapore’s hawker foodscape, collecting airplane models, visiting museums and places of historical interest.

History concerns time, but it also involves place.

Welfare Director
Tan Jia YiDCIF-33Year 1/FASS

Hobbies: Reading Victorian literature, watching and analyzing TV shows and comics.

History is so intricate and tedious, but that’s what makes it beautiful.

Events Directors

Isaac Hong Wei EnDCIF-15Year 1/FASS

Hobbies: Singing, watching singing reality TV shows, laughing (and making people laugh), sleeping, cycling, MRT, watching history & sports videos

History is understanding our roots and where we come from!

Ow Yong Zhi QiDCIF-12Year 1/FASS

Hobbies: Listening to inane K-Pop songs and reading when I can find the time for it.

History details the complexity of man and exposes us for what we are: a wirrwarr of contradictions.

Publications & Communications Directors

Chang Wing Cheng CalvinDCIF-7Year 2/History

Hobbies: Gaming, reading, sleeping

History is a way for us to look at the world, and better understand events. It utilizes strong analytical methods for us to explain and analyze human phenomena.

Gavin Leong Foo KitDCIF-39Year 2/History

Hobbies: Drawing, eating, sleeping.

History is about perspective and perspectives.


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