President’s Message

Dearest members of the NUS History & European Studies Departments, and members of the public. A new academic year has started, and I wish all readers a very fulfilling year ahead. My name is Goh Swee Yik and I am humbled to be elected as the president of the 52nd Executive Committee of the NUS History Society.
The Society’s Annual General Meeting was held on the 23rd of August 2016, along with the elections for the 52nd Executive Committee. 10 enthusiastic and committed students have been chosen, and it is with great pleasure that I introduce them to you. Further details of the Committee and its members can be found in the “Our Committee” page of this website. The NUS History Society has served the History community in NUS for more than a decade, and this achievement is not possible without your steadfast support. I, on behalf of the Society and the newly-elected committee, would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of you who have assisted the Society in one way or another. A special mention goes out to our predecessors in the 51st Executive Committee, who have dedicated their time and effort during their tenure last year. As the 52nd Executive Committee prepares to bring the Society to new heights in AY 2016-2017, your continued support will be greatly appreciated. The NUS History Society strives to not only boost the interest of history in NUS students and members of the public, but to create and strengthen bonds within the History community in NUS. This will be achieved through continued engagements with external partners, community outreach programmes and initiatives within the Society and the wider student population. With that, I am pleased the announce our plans for an exciting year ahead.
Upcoming Initiatives
This year, we will be organising events aimed at accomplishing three objectives; to strengthen existing bonds between History Society Members, to welcome new members into a close-knit, but inclusive organisation, and to kindle a passion for history amongst those within and without the History community in NUS. These events will include field trips to local historical sites, some of which are off the beaten track, as well as games which will expose players to Singapore’s unique heritage. The Society will also continue its existing initiatives. Our semestral publication, MNEMOZINE, has consistently provided readers with insightful articles about Singapore’s heritage, history as well as happenings within NUS’ History community. This was made possible by the hard work of MNEMOZINE’s editorial team as well as its student contributors, and I would like to extend an invite for anyone to contribute their ideas and talents for future editions of MNEMOZINE. We also look forward to seeing you all at the Society’s signature events, such as Detente, our Society’s annual get-together, and the History Society camp.
Communication channels and feedback 
The NUS History Society believes in constantly improving itself, and the Executive Committee welcomes any feedback or suggestions that you might have. Our contact details can be found in the aforementioned tab on the website, feel free to contact us directly. In addition to our usual feedback channels, frequent updates on happenings in the Society can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as this very website. Do stay tuned to our periodical e-mail blasts, which will be sent to all History and European Studies majors and minors.
Outreach and Opportunities
As representatives of NUS and the school’s History community, we will continue to engage various external parties. These engagements will come in the form of internships, as well as national and
international events. We are pleased to announce the continuation of two ongoing initiatives. Project Scribe, which we started last year, seeks to engage secondary students by providing them with opportunities to conduct fieldwork in a vanishing community. This will not only allow the Society to contribute to the community, but also ignite an interest in History amongst the project’s participants. The Battle of Pasir Panjang is a tour conducted by the Society in conjunction with the National Heritage Board that revisits the valiant stand made by Malay Regiment in 1942 during the Battle for Singapore. We will also continue to collaborate with external organisations to encourage the active involvement of the Society and the community.
An exciting year awaits us, and the 52nd Executive Committee hopes that we as a Society will reach greater heights, and continue the good work done by our predecessors. We would like to thank you
in advance for your support in the years to time.
Yours sincerely,
Goh Swee Yik
President, NUS History Society 2016/2017

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