President’s Message


Dearest members of the NUS History and European Studies Departments, and members of the public:

A new academic year has begun and I would like to wish all readers a great year ahead. I am Gabriel Lim, and I am humbled to be elected as the President of the 53rd Executive Committee of the NUS History Society.

The Society’s latest Annual General Meeting was held on the 4th of September 2017, and I am proud to say that 10 enthusiastic and dedicated individuals have been elected to the 53rd Executive Committee. All my fellow committee members are of immense importance to the successful running of this society and our activities and if you would like to get to know us a little more, further information can be found in the “Our Committee” page of this website. After decades of serving the NUS History community, the NUS History Society has undergone lots of growth and change that would never have been possible without the support of you, the community we seek to serve. But before I carry on, I would like to take this chance to sincerely thank the 52nd Executive Committee for your service to the NUS History community over the course of AY2016/17; we hope to continue your legacies and bring the Society to greater heights!

The NUS History Society’s goals for AY2017/18 are simple. We seek to generate greater interest in history amongst the NUS community and the public, as well as to build strengthen the bonds between NUS History and European Studies majors. In order to help us with achieving these goals, we have laid out an exciting plan for Academic Year 2017/18!

Greater Interest in History
One of our biggest goals for AY2017/18 is to bring about greater interest in history from our community in NUS as well as from the public. We as a community believe in the values that come with historical awareness and education and hope to share these beliefs with everyone through the events we have planned.

The 53rd Executive Committee will continue HISSOC’s yearly collaboration with the National Heritage Board in the Battle for Singapore tours, where participants revisit the valiant stand made by the Malay Regiment in the Battle of Pasir Panjang in 1942. By commemorating this battle and collaborating with NHB, HISSOC strives to expand our outreach to encompass members of the public who have an interest in learning about Singapore’s history.

In addition to the Society’s continued collaborations with the National Heritage Board, the 53rd Executive Committee would also like to expand our engagement with students in schools. Plans are thus being made for the organisation of a pilot competition that will allow JC students interacting with primary and secondary materials to craft their own narratives; HISSOC hopes that by allowing them first-hand experience with the process of historical research, we can peak their interests in History as a discipline.

HISSOC will also continue our bi-annual magazine publication, the MNEMOZINE, to continue to give students from the community a chance to express their thoughts and insights about Singapore’s heritage and history.

It is our hope that through these events, we can bring history to a wider audience and generate greater an interest that extends beyond academia.

Communication and Feedback
As a Society, we believe strongly in constantly improving ourselves so that we can better serve our community. The Executive Committee welcomes any feedback which you might have through our various feedback channels. Apart from the contact details which can be found on our website, feel free to contact us through our Facebook and Instagram accounts @nushissoc; these accounts are also the main channels through which HISSOC will release information on upcoming events and any updates we might have.

We have an exciting year ahead of us and hope that you will join us in bringing our dreams to life! The 53rd Executive Committee hopes that we can as a community move to greater heights in this next academic year, and we thank you for your support.

Yours Sincerely,

Gabriel Lim

President, NUS History Society 2017/2018


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